We're back this week with the follow up to last weeks lesson on invitation anatomy! This time, we're going to look at some of the more fun pieces that you can add to your wedding suite to make it personal.

Invitation Anatomy part  2

stationery 101 part 3:

 Now in order to not overwhelm you with too much information, hopefully this helps clear up exactly what you need for your invitation suite, and you can decipher the invitation jargon! There's more to come, so look for the next installment of Stationery 101 to get more great tips to help choose your wedding stationery!



1. Inner and Outer envelopes : The addition of inner and outer envelopes, usually called ‘double envelopes’ is generally reserved for formal weddings. The purpose is two fold, as the outer envelope gives some extra protection to the invitation and enclosures during shipping, and also specifies who is invited. The outer envelope has the guest address and return address, and the inner envelope has individual guest names. For example, the outer envelope would be address to “Mr. and Mrs. Brent Davidson” and the inner envelope would say “Mr. Brent Davidson and Mrs. Sarah Davidson” on separate lines. Then tucked inside is the invitation and all the enclosures. Not only does it look extremely elegant and beautiful, it’s also super fun to receive one in the mail, so that’s a bonus!

2. Envelope liner: Envelope liners are plain, patterned, or custom printed papers that go inside your envelopes to add decoration. Typically they coordinate with your invitations, and can include things like a wedding monogram or an illustration of your wedding venue!

3. Response envelope: Envelopes for your RSVP cards will have either a hand-written or printed address to whoever is collecting RSVP information for your wedding, typically the person or couple hosting the wedding.


4. Belly Bands : Belly bands are typically paper, twine, or ribbon tied around your invitation suite to hold everything together. Apart from being a beautiful addition, it also keeps the smaller pieces of your wedding invitation suite from being left in the envelope or from falling out and being lost when it’s first opened!

5. Vellum Wrap : Similar to a belly band, vellum is a translucent paper that can be added to the invitation, wrapped around in place of or with a belly band to keep the suite pieces together, and prevent ink from the envelope or envelope liner from rubbing onto the invitation.

6. Wax Seal : Wax seals are definitely making a comeback in a big way. No longer reserved for royalty, wax seals are a fun way to add something special to your invitations. Wax seals are created by melting wax and dripping it onto your envelope or invitations, and pressing a metal stamp into the melted wax to leave an impression create wax seals. If you decide to have a custom stamp created for your invitations, it’s also a fun keepsake to have from your wedding that you can continue to use for years!  

7. Rehearsal dinner invitation: An additional enclosure, typically slightly smaller than the main invitation, that invites members of the wedding party and close family or friends to the rehearsal dinner. Not something that goes in every invitation, but helpful to make sure everyone who needs to be there knows the when and where for your rehearsal!

8. Post Wedding Brunch Invitation : A smaller enclosure card to invite your guests to a post wedding brunch, typically held the morning after the wedding.